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Who we are ?

KAAFE CHOCOLATIER is a luxury chocolate brand that was founded in 2011 by a Qatari chocolate connoisseur. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER produces and sells premium handmade Belgian chocolates and related products, holding on to the Qatari culture and heritage in the flavors. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER also offers gourmet chocolates, truffles, dipped fruits, sweets, shakes, wedding, party flavors, and other items such as gift boxes, trays, and corporate gifts. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER produces seasonal and limited-edition chocolates with special packaging for all major occasions and events. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER sells its products online, through direct communication with clients .

The chocolatiers at KAAFE CHOCOLATIER hand-craft each piece of chocolate using only the finest ingredients, pairing their decadent chocolate with fresh flavors carefully selected and sourced from around the world. They hand-decorate each piece with intricate care, as well. Mixing the cultures of Arabia and Europe with attention to fine detail and an emphasis on uniqueness that intertwine in each of the chocolate, make KAAFE CHOCOLATIER an indulgence not to be missed .

In 2011, KAAFE CHOCOLATIER opened its own boutique as the first Handmade Luxury Chocolate Brand in Qatar. This luxurious boutique is the point of sale and also a production workshop. By the end of February 2015, KAAFE CHOCOLATIER has celebrated its official launching as first Qatari Brand and the opening of its showroom with workshops to produce and sell chocolate .

It is fascinating to see how KAAFE CHOCOLATIER has grown since its inception. The chocolatiers have undergone several training courses to further unravel the secrets of the fine art of chocolate making 1. The result is an unmatched chocolate experience that is a total indulgence of chocolate for all the senses .

Our principles

KAAFE CHOCOLATIER produces chocolates that are made from sustainable grown cocoa. The company only works with companies that promote green, fair, and ethical business practices. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER has a commitment to pay 2.5% of the net profits for the National Charity organizations in Qatar to help those who are poor and in need. The chocolates are luxury and fine chocolates made from appropriate, high quality, high-flavor cocoa & ingredients. Luxury & fine chocolate means consistent color and satiny sheen free of blemishes with a fresh, deep aroma, and are free of artificial flavors or preservatives

Our services

KAAFE CHOCOLATIER offers personalized services that are delivered right to your door. The company ensures to deliver world-class chocolate directly to your home, office, hospital, or hotel suite, with a sophisticated fleet of 20 quality refrigerated vehicles, offering the best in service and on-time delivery. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER also offers business logo customization for corporate branding and events starting from chocolate molds through boxes, ribbons, and inner packaging complemented by external packaging and delivery.

The ability to produce and customize chocolate by order upon custom taste with a delightful combination of tantalizing chocolate and fruits, nuts, and more, made of the finest ingredients and free of preservatives, the chocolates are a KAAFE UNIQUENESS TO EXPERIENCE. It is our sincere hope that you enjoy savoring each delicacy as much as we enjoyed creating it. 


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