Our Philosophy


Made from sustainable grown cocoa

Customers anticipate transparency and authenticity, therefore KAAFE CHOCOLATIER is always on a mission to source only the finest ingredients from around the world and conveys its story through the creation of decadent chocolates. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER only works with companies that promote green, fair and ethical business practices.

Community responsibility

KAAFE CHOCOLATIER has a commitment to pay 2.5% of the net profits for the National Charity organizations in Qatar to help those who are poor and in need. it also takes into responsibility to boycott companies that rely on child labor and slavery farmers. This policy allows to search and carefully select raw material suppliers that fulfill these conditions, while choosing to work with partners who have established a cooperative program for farmers.

Quality guaranteed

KAAFE CHOCOLATES are luxury and fine chocolates made from appropriate, high quality, high-flavor cocoa & ingredients. Luxury & fine chocolate means consistent color and satiny sheen free of blemishes with a fresh, deep aroma, and are free of artificial flavors or preservatives.

What makes KAAFE chocolates different?

KAAFE CHOCOLATIER produces and sells premium handmade Belgian chocolates and related products, holding on to the Qatari culture and heritage in the flavours. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER also offers gourmet chocolates, truffles, dipped fruits, sweets, shakes, wedding, party flavors and other items such as gift boxes, trays, and corporate gifts. KAAFE CHOCOLATIERproduces seasonal and limited-edition chocolates with special packaging for all major occasions and events. KAAFE CHOCOLATIER sells its products online, through direct communication with clients.
KAAFE CHOCOLATIER have over hundreds types of fine chocolate, sweets and truffles. all crafted with passion while adding a signature touch of exclusivity. Your chocolate is stored in your mind and we can make it a reality! At KAAFE CHOCOLATIER, a luxurious variety is combined with distinct and unique qualities.


Personalized Services

Delivered right to your door

KAAFE CHOCOLATIERensures to deliver world-class chocolate directly to your door – home, office, hospital or hotel suite, with a sophisticated fleet of 20 quality refrigerated vehicles, offering the best in service and on time delivery.

Business customization

KAAFE CHOCOLATIER proudly offers business logo customization for corporate branding and events starting from chocolate molds through boxes, ribbons and inner packaging complemented by external packaging and delivery.

Bespoke Chocolates

The ability to produce and customize chocolate by order upon custom taste with a delightful combination of tantalizing chocolate and fruits, nuts and so much more, made of the finest ingredients and free of preservatives, the chocolates are a KAAFE UNIQUENESS TO EXPERIENCE. It is our sincere hope that you enjoy savoring each delicacy as much as we enjoyed creating it. Contact us on our website or call us.