Our Story


It started with passion…

In 2011, a simple but remarkable concept took root in premises of a Qatari chocolate connoisseur. A workshop to combine Arabic tastes and European standards to hand-craft truly superior chocolates; chocolates that looked exceptional and tasted exquisite. It was a total indulgence of chocolate for all the senses that allowed this project to be a huge hit among chocolate lovers in the country. Since then, the chocolate connoisseurs at KAAFE CHOCOLATIER have undergone several training courses to further unravel the secrets of the fine art of chocolate making. From that initial idea grew the KAAFE CHOCOLATIER Company, a luxury brand proudly Made in Qatar. To this day, KAAFE CHOCOLATIER still hand-craft each piece, using only the finest ingredients. The chocolatiers pair their decadent chocolate with fresh flavors carefully selected and sourced from around the world. They hand-decorate each piece with intricate care, as well. Mixing the cultures of Arabia and Europe with attention to fine detail and an emphasis on uniqueness that intertwine in each of the chocolate, make KAAFE CHOCOLATIER an indulgence not to be missed. The result is unmatched a chocolate experience.

Behind every success story, there are milestones…

In 2011, KAAFE CHOCOLATIER opened its own boutique as the first Handmade Luxury Chocolate Brand in Qatar. This luxurious boutique is the point of sale and also a production workshop. By the end of February 2015, KAAFE CHOCOLATIER has celebrated its official launching as first Qatari Brand and the opening of its showroom with workshops to produce and sell chocolate. The ability to be the first Qatari Brand with Luxury Handmade Chocolates, a unique menu customized for all tastes with delightful combinations of tantalizing chocolate, fruits, nuts and so much more, using only the freshest ingredients with no coloring & preservatives positions the Brand KAAFE CHOCOLATIER as a bespoke indulgence. Today, KAAFE CHOCOLATIER is spreading happiness and love through their delightful creations.

KAAFE Experience

The Sulaiti family takes its passion for chocolate very seriously. The chocolatiers working under its leadership are always getting creative, conjuring up inventive new chocolate recipes with exceptional ingredients. The professional background of the Sulaiti family is rooted in food science and engineering, which gives them a clear understanding of how the many elements in their chocolates interact and reinforce each other. Their expertise is enhanced by:
  • CHRP Diploma
  • Certified training management from George Washington University
  • Coached by Zanger-Folkman on extra ordinary leadership program
  • Certified in chocolate making from The Culinary institute of America
  • GODIVA Chocolate School Program in Basic chocolate making skills
  • FCIA Member (Fine Chocolate Industry Association)
  • Worked with plenty of celebrity chefs and chocolatiers from around the world